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Drawing in sand = forbidden!

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Drawing in sand = forbidden!

Footsteps are fine but don’t you dare to leave any other marks. The cheesy saying “take nothing but memories and leave nothing but footprints” has something to it. Writing or drawing in sand can, in fact, be an offense. At least if you write big and on protected dunes. 

Do you ever drawn or written something with a finger or a stick in the sand? I certainly do. I drew the text on the image above just today. While doing so in small size or on shores where waves or tides will wipe it away is a free joy you better know where not to do so. 

Japanese officials drew a line in the sand 10 years ago after images of ancient sand dunes state after university students visited caused a stir online. Officials placed a ban on writing in sand as on littering and setting off fireworks on protected dunes. 

Sand graffiti is an issue

Sand graffiti has continued to be an issue. Authorities have recorded 3,334 incidents of “sand graffiti” since the ban. In January, for example, a foreign couple caught writing “Happy Birthday Natalie” across a dune got ordered to wipe the dune clean and Authorities removed a 5*25 m/15*82 ft drawing of a name next to a face in March.

Signs are in place at several locations in both Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean to make sure that the many visitors know the rules. Violators will be fined and ordered to clean up. 

According to The Mainichi, a Japanese newspaper, a spokesman of the local government says “We are concerned about whether the rules are fully understood, but we want to continue to protect views of the beautiful sand dunes.”

Now that we know where not to draw on sand, let’s go back to where we may. What DO you write or draw in sand?

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