Welcome to OUAW, Once Upon a Wednesday!

I’m so glad you’re here. Once Upon a Wednesday and OUAW is here to honor and inspire you who create your own stories, you who aspire to make a difference. And to do so via the best we can think of, sand! 

Everything here is somehow connected to sand, you’ll notice this quickly. Like grains of sand we’re all unique and carry our own stories of becoming.

People, ideas and places deserve to be in the spotlight. So does sand. It might appear plain and common, and it is. This is a part of sands greatness. And its impact is tremendous. 

I am fascinated by sand in all its forms. How every grain of sand, like every being, is unique while on a whole similar. How sand can reflect similarities, uniqueness, and beauty of places, nations and people. And how sand connects to science, culture and historical events. I love how something tiny can influence way out of proportion to its size. That goes for grains of sand as well as ideas, knowledge, and actions.

To me, Once Upon a Wednesday and OUAW sand is more precious than diamonds. Sand might appear to exist in infinite amounts but in fact, is scarce. It’s one of the worlds most used natural resources and the world is running out of it. But there’s hope. More of this in the blog and under #OnceUponAWednesday

At OUAW I’m on a mission to captivate and connect through stories connected to sand. What that really means is still an untold story. By September 2019 I should be ready to say. 

Why Once Upon a Wednesday? Micro-steps and giant leaps happen everywhere and all the time, not only on the first day of the week, on special holidays or on weekends. It just might be that they start Once Upon a Wednesday!