Do you strive to make a difference? To make an impact and to leave people, issues or places better than you found them? Do you want to be a part of something bigger?

OUAW, Once Upon a Wednesday, salutes you for your contribution to the world. The constant aspiration to make it better one step at a time. Every step matters, micro steps as well as giant leaps.

In my pursuit of adding value, I struggle with staying inspired and feeling connected globally when being local. To literally carry the world and stories of it keeps me going/encouraged

OUAW spotlights aspirational content of the world. It materializes in different ways. Sometimes as jewelry. All OUAW collections carry captivating stories. Not one but thousands. The goal is for the OUAW wearer to stay inspired continuing their path being a positive force. That the wearer’s paths intervene with stories already embedded for every piece to truly become a personal statement.

The first OUAW collection is SAND. Every piece in the SAND collection contains grains of sand collected from all of the 193 UN nations. Every grain carries its own story originating up to millions of years ago. The collection is also a salute to sand itself, which to OUAW is more precious than diamonds.

Inspiration is drawn from the feeling of unity, that we are bigger than the sum of us as individuals and that we all can have an impact. I am intrigued by the thought of bringing fragments of the world into something small enough to carry, as a reminder that we are unique and different in many ways but with uniting parts. That we are united. As one.

Why Once Upon a Wednesday? Micro steps and giant leaps happen everywhere and all the time, not just one first day of the week, on special holidays or on weekends. It might just be that they start Once Upon a Wednesday.

I want to give you the world. Who do you want to give the world to? Find your piece here!