Can filling a skatepark with sand promote social distancing?

The skatepark I pass almost daily has never had a pull on me. If someone filled it with sand, it’d be a whole different thing.
Photo: courtesy of Fraser Coast Regional Council

With the Coronavirus spreading over our globe, social distancing is the new thing. Keeping a distance affects us all, and some activities may be harder to give up than others.

To stop people from ignoring social distancing rules at a skatepark, authorities in Queensland, Australia, have filled the park with sand. Many have ignored the barriers and gathered at skate parks despite the restrictions related to pandemic. Fraser Coast Regional Council CEO Ken Diehm says: “We have filled the Torquay Road skate park as a trial to prevent its use”.

He further says “I can’t stress enough how important it is that everyone follows the rules around social distancing and gathering in groups”.  I nod and agree. Protecting our elders and people at higher risk for severe illness is of the highest importance. And so is keeping the curve down.

But let me just say that if someone would fill the skate park nearby with sand – oh how hard it’d be not to go there!

What repels some might be inviting for others. As a huge sandbox!

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