To express yourself, complete an outfit, and make a statement!

In addition to style – to remind you of the big in the small. And the small in the big. That nothing is too tiny or ordinary to matter.

Sand can reflect the similarities, uniqueness, and beauty of places, nations, and people. It connects to science, culture, sports, philosophy, historical events, and more. 

A piece of jewelry with sand or shaped after sand can connect to and symbolize what you are passionate about.

The grains of sand connect to the place they were found, all the places it has been, all the people whose hands have handled it, and to you.

OUAW jewelry either holds sand from 195+ nations. This includes each and every UN member plus some more. Or focus on individual grains, nature’s often unseen masterpieces.

To me, OUAWs founder, jewelry can be more than an accessory. It can connect and reflect something beyond the self. 

But this is all about you. If you’d choose to wear sand, what’d be your why? Please share your thoughts!