How Sand Can Be More Precious Than Diamonds!

Why sand?
It would be easy to say because it’s so versatile! You can use it for building, playing, relaxation, decoration, cleaning, storage, construction, crafts, therapy, adventure, and so much more.

While all that is true, what made me fall in love with sand from the start is purely emotional. I love the feel and look of sand. From a distance and close up. I remember as a child the feeling of freedom and bliss arriving at a spot deep in the Scandinavian forest where suddenly sand took over the scenery. A sandy paradise with steep riverbanks, and I was hooked.

A sandy paradise, hidden deep in the forrest. Steep sandy slopes as made for longjumps, challenges and relaxation. (Trivia for anyone who’s seen Pippi Longstonging the movie: this is where she roills down in a barrel, the landing place in reality is a slow stream).

Today as a full-on sand-nerd, the list is long.

Sand, in my view, is more precious than diamonds. I’ll struggle to keep it brief (The fact that my family banned sand as a dinner topic for a while may imply I can continue for too long).

Your everyday life involves sand, regardless of whether you’re close to a sandy location. The roads you use, many buildings you enter, the glass you look through or drink from, the microchip running the electronic device, and the screen you read this on – all have sand as a key ingredient.

The most common sand – silica, makes up the part of what you use to see this, and you’ll find in in an ingredient in many personal care products, in food, and pharmaceuticals.

Depending on where in the world, you may live or walk on land reclaimed from the ocean with sand.

You’ll find the most common type of sand grain, silica, as an ingredient in many personal care products, food, and pharmaceuticals.

Not to forget that you can use it for sports, playing, relaxation, decoration, therapy, adventure, and much more. Well, you can’t do all that with diamonds, can you?!

Sand connects to culture, art, science, sport, and historical events. How? Stay tuned!

Sand connects to your everyday life regardless if your close to a sandy spot. Here an example of how it connect with science.

Do you want a more philosophical take on sand? (yes, you say?)
Sand mirrors people’s similarities and uniqueness and shows how something seemingly tiny can have a huge impact. (Walking 20 hours+ with a grain of sand or two in your shoe will prove it – I tried and can vouch for it).

Sand can be found almost everywhere, yet it’s scarce. People fight, corrupt, and kill for sand. While aware of this at OUAW want to deep dive into the upside use and characteristics and sand.

But this is all about you. What sand-related topics do you want to see or read more of? Please send a pm/dm/mail or comment below.

The sandy paradise with steep riverbanks is still as magical; a happy place to stick my now full-grown toes into. I bet you have sandy places to recommend – hit me with those too, please!

Ideas of what sand realted stuff you want to see covered? Please connect!
(the light in the bulb = a grain of sand from Poland)


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