Sand Origin


District 12 in Kabul City, originally from Mosahi district

Random Sand Fact

If you’re in the desert in Afghanistan and a scorpion-like spider chases you, don’t worry. It only wants your shade.

Many myths about Camel spiders, or solifugids, are untrue. They don’t eat camels, their bite isn’t dangerous, and they are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It’s true that they hide in the sand, use comb-like hairs on their legs to shovel sand and dig burrows, and, yes—they can outrun most humans.

So if one happens to run after you, as said, relax, it’s only after your shade!

(By luck I, OUAW’s founder, finally found one while camping in the desert. When I followed it with my headlamp, I unintentionally made it run into a nearby tent. Those inside were not impressed…)

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