Sand Origin

Antarctica, the worlds biggest desert, is not entirely covered by ice and snow but has plains of rock and sand.

But you’ll not find any sand from Antarctica in your OUAW jewelry. Why?  What’s in Antarctica stays in Antarctica!

There’s an international Antarctic Treaty protecting it. The Antarctic continent, all islands, ice shelves, and oceans south of 60°S are only to be used for research and peaceful purposes.

The Antarctic grains of sand you see here or on OUAW’s social media is a gift from a scientist who took the grains before the treaty was set up. Given that the treaty also means that nothing is to be brought to Antarctica, the grains will stay at more northern latitudes.

Random Sand Fact

Did you know Antarctica is the largest desert on earth, almost twice the size of the Sahara Desert? While most of this icy cold desert is covered in ice—lo and behold—there’s sand here too!

Want to see an Antarctic grain of sand close up? Keep an eye out for the next OUAW art exhibition!

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