Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sand Origin

Doboj, right on border of the Republic and the Federation

Random Sand Fact

At the word ”pyramids” bet you think about… Bosnia and Herzegovina?

There are two very different kinds of pyramids here. One natural one, debated. The first of sand, the other holding sand. 

Let’s sort this out. One is a natural wonder of towering rock formations known as the Sand Pyramids. Majestic structures carved by wind, rain, and frost. Unlike their static counterparts elsewhere, theese continue to grow as surrounding rocks erode, leaving the resilient sandstone to stand tall for you to awe.

The other, the Bosnian Pyramid complex, fuels a heated debate. Some claim a highly advanced civilization built the pyramid-shaped landmark some 12 000 years ago. The pyramid-shaped mount holding well-hidden secrets and tunnels filled with sand and rocks.

The scientific community is skeptical. Yet, the allure of unraveling the mysteries persists.

Is there a mystery waiting to be solved? The sand of time will tell.

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