Sand Origin

Cayo Santo Maria

Random Sand Fact

Sand from the Nile brought to Havana’s first Art déco mansion, is part of a legendary love story.

In the early 1900s, the Cuban beauty Catalina fell passionately in love with a sugar baron when married to a son from an influential family. It was a full-blown societal scandal.

Divorce wasn’t allowed. The new couple fled to Europe and were persistent enough to get the Pope’s blessing to marry.

They lived in France for 20 years, but when divorce laws were passed in Cuba, they returned and built the mansion. Not any mansion, but an impressive one. And what better way to impress than adding sand from the Nile to finish the exterior walls.!?

They’re buried together, he upright to watch over her even in death.

Sand – as made to impress. What better to hang around the neck?

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