Sand Origin


Random Sand Fact

“In the hourglass of life, every grain of sand counts,” so the saying goes.

Hourglasses, with sand trickling down, reappear as symbols and in various sayings. They are well-used for timekeeping during activities like playing board games, sitting in saunas, or out at sea. Before our sands of time run out, let’s dive into sand as a reference for time.

A French monk invented the first hourglass in the 8th century AD. The quantity, type, and shape of the sand, plus the size of the hole between the bulbs, determine the time interval measured by it.

The hourglass proved ideal for ocean navigation. Could this have contributed to France roaming the seas resulting in today’s France with its many overseas territories covering most time zones of all —13 in total?

While most hourglasses measure minutes, the largest one holds a ton of sand falling through the glass container over the course of a full year.

I hope you don’t need to see a motionless hourglass on your screen. We all know what that means….

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