Sand Origin

Niamey, outside town, side of roads towards Tillaberi

Random Sand Fact

Have you ever tried bread baked in sand? (after writing this I have, my thoughts after last)

Sand bread or Taguella baked directly in hot sand is a staple dish of nomadic Tuaregs, also known as the Blue People living in Niger and other parts of the Sahara.

Despite being baked in sand where a fire has just burnt, it’s said to be grit-free. When only charcoal remains  they place dough in a pit directly in sand with sand and coals shoved over it.

As of magic, the bread is served without a single grain of sand.

(While I wasn’t in Niger, I was in the Sahara when baking bread in the sand with the help of locals. the result – a grit-free, delicious bread. More salt is all I’d change) 

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