Saudi Arabia

Sand Origin

Desert outside Yanbu

Random Sand Fact

If you’re curious about the different shapes and patterns that sand and dunes can make, go to the world’s biggest sandy desert – Rub al-Khali.

It covers most of Saudi Arabia on the Arabian Peninsula. It has challenged kings, explorers, and travelers for thousands of years.

The name Rub al-Khali means “empty quarter” in Arabic. It signifies the desert’s vast emptiness. It’s almost empty of people, visible flora, and fauna due to the extreme environment. But you’ll see a lot of sand. Sand is shaped into barchans, parabolic, star, and transverse dunes. Sand ripples and sand bouncing with the wind. 

What lies within and beneath the sand remains a mystery, as Rub al-Khali stands as one of the world’s least explored regions…

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