Sand Origin

Papernya Pit, Oleshnya, Chernihivs’ka oblast

Random Sand Fact

Did you know that lakes can hide under sand?

Under the Oleshky Sands in Ukraine, a lake hides about 35 meters (115 ft) under the sand.

The Oleshky Sands is the second largest desert in Europe. Sand likely accumulated here during the last ice age. Plants used to cover it until someone thought of making a wildlife reserve of it resulting in sheep eating all and exposing the sand. With winds, the area with bare sand dunes quickly grew.

The lake remains undisturbed under it. Water stored within the spaces between the grains of sand or within porous rock over impenetrable rock or clay. (Until the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam in 2023, when flooded water hit the sand, affecting water quality).

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