Unisex Jewelry

Wear Nature’s Miniature Wonders!

A grain of sand. So common. Yet unique. (And Unisex)

The exact shape of a one-in-a-million grain of sand. Meticulously hand-selected, x-rayed, and magnified in silver. Every intrinsic detail intact.

Unisex pieces with chains in sizes fitting all.

The sands you see on a beach, along a dirt road, or in mountain streams are Nature’s masterpieces. Look closely to see for yourself.

Wear a grain of sand as a reminder of the strength found in the smallest things in life or to connect with the essence of your chosen grain of sand.

Which grain will you wear?

Unisex jewelry in silver shaped after grains of sand on a male and a female


He? She? – You!
Jewelry beyond gender.

Necklaces and men go together like sand & the beach. And go back almost as long. Sand grains enlarged into jewelry, however, is new.

Jewelry has no gender. So why are not all OUAW pieces unisex?

It’s simply a size matter. Some bracelets and necklaces are (so far) in sizes smaller than what most men fit into.

A mature man wearing silver necklaces shaped after grains of sand


Grains of sand are small but mighty. And they matter as parts of a whole and on their own.


Wear a sand grain necklace to take your outfit up a notch or to connect with whatever gives you goosebumps or rocks your boat. 

  • Surf, sea, or beach activities – sand is close
  • Soccer, football, tennis, or any sport on sandy turf – sand is close
  • Tech freak – sand is close (part of most electronic devices)
  • Driving on any road, bridge et.c. – sand is close
  • Sipping water (or whiskey, for that matter) – sand filtered it
  • Construction – still sand
  • Infrastructure – sand
  • Painting – sand
  • Jewelry- sand!



All Male/unisex necklaces belong to the GRAINS Collection and its pendants are in the exact shape of individual grains of sand enlarged from 8 to 25 times their original sizes. 

Look at sand close up or, more manageable, at the full GRAINS Collection to discover what’s hidden in plain sight: nature’s miniature wonders!

Here are grains in shapes you’ll recognize, others new to most eyes, sand grains from every continent, and grains of sand with millions of years of history.

Suggestions of shapes, origins, or connections you’d love a sand grain piece of?  I’d LOVE to hear from you, please send a DM, PM, or mail!


Why, how, and when do men wear jewelry? More or less the same way as women. To show style and personality and to take the outfit up a notch. 

Necklaces can be stylish on a plain t-shirt, with a shirt, or directly on the skin. But really, just have fun with your styling and create a style that reflects who YOU are.

If you think men wearing necklaces is a new thing again. It goes way back and is worn for style, as a symbol of power and authority, for religious beliefs, and as sentimental pieces holding mementos.

Silver necklace shaped after a grain of sand in male hand

For some men, wearing jewelry remains strange. Those who try quickly get accustomed. 

When starting OUAW, my husband stated necklaces were not for him. That changed quickly. From reluctantly wearing one for a photo shoot to never taking go without.

Even more surprisingly, my dad, 80+ (in images above), who’s never worn necklaces, now constantly wears one!

Order your sand grain jewelry today!

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