BOND Concrete Tie Bar

kr 600

A clip-on Tie Bar bonding with your strength and endurance. And the world!

Add something concrete to your power- or party outfit and materialize your dreams on a solid foundation. Your strength can surprise you every time it’s challenged.

Concrete’s history is packed with kings, emperors, discoveries, lost knowledge, experiments, and mysteries.

In OUAWs concrete are also stories brought in by the key component – the sand. Not just any sand but sand from all over the globe for you to bond with people, places, and ideas of importance to you. 


Pro tip:
If you’re looking for conversation starters at a party, consider using the sand in the accessories as a topic. Sand sourced from different countries forms connections to diverse subjects, including sports, culture, history, electronics, and more. Follow us on social media for more!

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pay from 119 SEK/month.



  • Clip on function
  • Made of 316 steel to ensure your Tie Bar never stains your clothing and is always ready to be worn with no need to shine or polish.
  • Concrete’s gray shade is simple to style with any color or style, from casual to formal. 
  • Minimalistic design so that you never need to consider whether your cuffs or tie bar adds anything else but style and comfort. 
  • Delivered in a designed box that can be used to store your jewelry, to give as a gift without additional wrapping, and can be reused as a small decorative container in your home.



  • 50 x 10 mm / 2 x 0.4 in
  • Engraving: 195+ on back, OUAW on side



Surgical Steel, Concrete, and Sand (as a part in the concrete). Not any sand, but one that connects and unites. 



  • Use a soft and dry cloth to clean your tie pin and cufflinks gently. With time and possible contact with oils, lotion, perfume, and such, the concrete will darken slightly. 
  • Stainless steel does not lose its natural shine; no polishing is necessary.
  • Wear it with attitude and pride!