Crinoid Necklace

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Timeless Necklace and Fossil Sand Grain

How about honoring the present, past, and future with a piece shaped exactly after a grain of sand holding 400 million years of history?

Long before the very first human decorated herself with jewelry, this fossil sand grain quietly rested at Eighteen Mile Creek by Lake Erie, USA. 

It once belonged to a prehistoric sea lily, a crinoid, predating even the age of dinosaurs. Undisturbed, it could one day have tumbled over Niagara Falls.

Fall in love with the piece for what it is–an exact model of a one-in-a-million grain of sand. It’s meticulously hand-selected, x-rayed at a research facility, and finally magnified in silver. Every intrinsic detail is intact.

Wear it:

  • as a reminder of the strength and beauty found in the smallest things in life
  • to connect to the beach, ocean, nature
  • for a feeling of oneness with whatever you associate with the shape or the grain of sand
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pay from 288 SEK/month.



  • The pendant is an exact model of a grain of sand found at the inlet of Lake Eire, USA (via an MRI scan at a research facility).
  • Sand grain in scale 16:1
  • Adjustable silver chain with three length options for versatile styling.
  • Delivered in a multifunctional box for storage or decoration, ready to gift.



  • Rolo chain adjustable to 40, 42, or 45 cm / 16, 17 or, 18 in
  • Size of pendant grain 14 mm/ 0,6 in (9x enlarged)
  • Tag with OUAW engraved on top of the chain



100% recycled sterling silver



  • After use, gently wipe every piece with a soft cloth to remove residue of makeup or oils from your skin, to keep the pieces from discoloring.
  • If/when your jewelry needs polishing, use a polishing cloth or silver dip. If you use silver dip, finish by drying with a polishing cloth – it helps keep your jewelry beautiful longer.
  • When not wearing your jewelry, store it in a jewelry box, a soft pouch, or an airtight bag. Please keep it away from sunlight and humid spaces like the bathroom.
  • Arrange chains in loop shapes to avoid tangle and damage. 
  • Never force or pull chains. 
  • Use your good judgment of when to wear or not wear jewelry. And to never wear jewelry in natural hot springs, as found in volcanic areas. 
  • Finally, wear your jewelry with attitude and pride!


Pro tip!
Look under the soft insert of the jewelry box your OUAW jewelry came in to find a small ziplock bag. If you store your silver jewelry in it when not in use, it will not tarnish as quickly. Not as fancy  – but practical!

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