Open Round Earrings

kr 450

A pair of all-occasion earrings that easily match any of your outfits. On most ears, the stud fits on the ear, with a part of the open circle going down below the earlobe.

The Open Round Earrings match OUAW Akin Sand Collection—especially necklaces and bracelets in round shape. And fits just as well used on their own.

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pay from 104 SEK/month.



  • Sterling silver ear studs shaped as an open circle
  • Size: Diameter Ø 12 mm / 0.5 in
  • Height: 2,5 mm / 0,1 in
  • Pin length: 10 mm / 0,4 in
  • Back plug: traditionally shaped, sterling silver
  • Engraving: OUAW on opposite sides



100% recycled sterling silver



  • After use, gently wipe every piece with a soft cloth to remove makeup residue or oils from your skin. 
  • Store your jewelry in a jewelry box, soft pouch, or airtight bag when not wearing it. 
  • Use a soft and dry cloth to polish your jewelry gently. 
  • Silver will oxidize and darken with time and from contact with natural salts and minerals on your skin. If needed, use special polish or polish cloth developed for silver jewelry. 
  • Use your good judgment of when to wear or not wear jewelry. The general recommendation for all jewelry is to avoid wearing jewelry in a swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, or steam room. And to never ever wear any jewelry in natural hot springs, as found in volcanic areas.
  • And finally, wear your jewelry with pride!