Voam-Pasika Earrings

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A homage to all women. Mums, sisters, friends, colleagues, wives, and daughters. Strong women. May we know them, raise them, be them!

Never underestimate the power of a woman!

Or love and wear the piece for what it is – an exact model of a grain of sand. Wear it to connect to the beach, ocean, nature, and the outdoors. For a feeling of oneness to whatever you associate the shape or the grain of sand to.


About the grain of sand the Voam-Pasika is an exact model of:

A tiny orange grain of sand picked up on the beach in Fort Dauphin, Madagascar. From what seems to be a dream destination for outdoors enthusiasts. The grain lay on a beach overlooking passing humpback whales, local fishermen, ocean lovers, and surfers. 

It’s believed that Madagascar was first settled and founded by approximately 30 women!

The name Voam-Pasika is sand grain in Malagasy, the language of Madagascar. 



  • On the earrings are a 14x enlarged exact model of a grain of sand (via an MRI scan at a research facility).
  • The long loop means no need to attach a stud on the back.
  • The earrings are shaped as loops that hang far down from your ears for a visible statement.
  • Solid sterling silver – no need to worry about coatings coming off.
  • Your jewelry is delivered in a designed box that can store your jewelry and be re-used as a decorative item in your home. You can gift it without the need for wrapping.

pay from 209 SEK/month.



  • Size of earring in total, loop plus the grain 4 cm / 1,6 in
  • Size of pendant grain 15 mm/ 0,6 in (15x enlarged)
  • Weight per earring 2 gram



Recycled Sterling Silver 925



  • After use, gently wipe every piece with a soft cloth to remove make-up residue or oils from your skin. 
  • When not wearing your jewelry; store it in a jewelry box, a soft pouch, or an airtight bag and keep it away from sunlight and humid spaces like the bathroom.
  • Use a soft and dry 100% cotton cloth to gently polish your jewelry. 
  • Silver will oxidize and darken with time and from contact with natural salts and minerals on your skin. If needed, use special polish or polish cloth developed for silver jewelry. 
  • Use your good judgment of when to wear or not wear jewelry. The general recommendation for all types of jewelry is to avoid wearing jewelry in a swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, or steam room. And to never ever wear any jewelry in natural hot springs, as found in volcanic areas.
  • And finally – wear your jewelry with pride!


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