Do you long for connection with faraway places, great people, and the thrill of the extraordinary? It’s what sparked the concept of OUAW!

Everything within OUAW connects to sand. At the same time, it’s not about sand per se. but for all it connects you with vas feelings of oneness or oh-wow feelings, no matter where you find them. Sand just happens to be the perfect connector!

Wear the world…

A desire to feel close to distant places, activities, and people, no matter the distance, led to the idea of collecting sand from around the globe.

The result? Jewelry holding the world. Thanks to kind-hearted people worldwide, sand from every country united as one. Sand from deserts, mountains, rivers, and oceans, from big cities and small villages.

Can you feel the global connection?

… and its miniature wonders

No two grains of sand are exactly the same. The sand you see on a beach, in a desert, along a dirt road, on sports fields, or in mountain streams can appear similar. But look closer to discover what’s hidden in plain sight – nature’s miniature wonders. 

Single grains of sand. Common, yet unique. Just like us. Reminding us of the strength found in the smallest things in life.

103 Ways Sand Shapes Your World

There’s so much about sand I’d love to share with you, how it connects to culture, science, sports, construction, and more. How it reflects and affects your everyday life.  Did I mention I’m a sand nerd?

Sand is one of the world’s most used raw materials —there’s even a sand mafia.

That grains of sand are miniature masterpieces and small enough to fit a few grains from each nation into a piece of jewelry is a bonus. 🙂

The name OUAW [oh-wow]

The name OUAW hints at the thrill of the extraordinary—an “oh-wow” moment. It’s also an acronym for “Once Upon a Wednesday.” We can find awe any day, not just on weekends or holidays. Your next “oh-wow” experience might just be on a Wednesday.


To me, jewelry is more than an accessory. It can reflect something greater and tap into that OUAW [oh-wow] feeling. I hope you’ll feel the same if you choose to wear OUAW.

Vast desert areas and sand-framed waterways worldwide, but above all, warm-hearted people are “oh-wow” to me. Yet, I rarely leave my base in Scandinavia. 

The concept of gathering sand from across the globe was born from longing for connections with far-off places, remarkable people, and the thrill of the extraordinary.

-Kristina Kallur, founder of OUAW

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Founder of OUAW holding sand