Confessions of a sand lover

Who are these people who love to feel sand between their toes?

I’m one of these people who loves to feel sand between their toes. Why? Oh my, where do I begin? By drawing a line in the sand?

I’m one of these people who love to feel sand between their toes. Why? Oh my, where do I begin? By drawing a line in the sand? 

Sure, sand can be a nuisance – it gets everywhere, and it’s not fun to get it in your eyes or electronics. Other than that, pure love!

Sand is incredibly versatile – it’s a key ingredient in the roads we drive on, the buildings we enter, and the screen you’re reading this on. 

And, did you know we can analyze individual sand grains to date archaeological findings, solve crimes, and track geological changes?

But let’s talk about the feel of sand. It’s more what the article below, which this post answers, is about. 

Article in The Guardian, Thu 26 Jan 2023

Touching sand is like connecting to the whole world. Plus to culture, history, science, sports, construction, flora, fauna, … the list goes on.

To address some sand issues:
– to get it off – use baby powder 
– on feet and toes –  free exfoliation
– in your hair – free dry shampoo (who doesn’t love saving these times?)
– in your food –  a free unique eating experience? ( ”eating as a toothless” helps if ever eating in a sand storm – I’ve tried) 

Are you starting to un-hate it – a bit? 

Too much sand rambling? Well, I’m a full-on sand nerd. I even single out individual grains to transform their exact shape into jewelry. 

My very biased cure: You should wear one!

As a reminder of all the ups with sand, of the greatness in the tiny and all in your life that’s better just for sand’s versatility and greatness!

There are roughly 7.5 sextillion sand grains on earth. That is 75 followed by 17 zeros grain of sand to get somewhere. I love sand.

Sand – there’s more to it than meets the eye!!

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