Granello di Sabbia Necklace

kr 3 100

A Numinous Sand Grain Necklace

How about wearing a geometric grain of sand with a cavity, hinting at something beyond or deep within?

A necklace shaped exactly after a grain of sand from one of the world’s most famous squares – St. Peter’s Square, where the Pope holds ceremonies in the Vatican. 

A sand enthusiast quickly asked for and collected the sand during the repair of one of the squares’s fountains.

Granello di Sabbia means a grain of sand in Italian.

Fall in love with the piece for what it is–an exact model of a one-in-a-million grain of sand. It’s meticulously hand-selected, x-rayed at a research facility, and finally magnified in silver. Every intrinsic detail is intact. Wear it:

  • as a reminder of the strength and beauty found in the smallest things in life
  • to connect to the beach, ocean, and nature
  • for a feeling of oneness with whatever you associate with the shape or the grain of sand

pay from 359 SEK/month.



  • The pendant is an exact model of a grain of sand found in the Vatican via an MRI scan at a research facility).
  • Sand grain in scale 16:1
  • The necklace has a slightly thicker Rolo chain, which fits both men and women.
  • Delivered in a multifunctional box for storage or decoration, ready to gift.



  • Chain length 50 cm / 20 in
  • Height of pendant grain 25 mm/ 1,0 in (16x enlarged sand grain)
  • Tag with OUAW engraved on top of the chain



100% recycled sterling silver



  • After use, gently wipe every piece with a soft cloth to remove residue of makeup or oils from your skin, to keep the pieces from discoloring.
  • If/when your jewelry needs polishing, use a polishing cloth or silver dip. If you use silver dip, finish by drying with a polishing cloth – it helps keep your jewelry beautiful longer.
  • When not wearing your jewelry, store it in a jewelry box, a soft pouch, or an airtight bag. Please keep it away from sunlight and humid spaces like the bathroom.
  • Arrange chains in loop shapes to avoid tangle and damage. 
  • Never force or pull chains. 
  • Use your good judgment of when to wear or not wear jewelry. And to never wear jewelry in natural hot springs, as found in volcanic areas. 
  • Finally, wear your jewelry with attitude and pride!


Pro tip!
Look under the soft insert of the jewelry box your OUAW jewelry came in to find a small ziplock bag. If you store your silver jewelry in it when not in use, it will not tarnish as quickly. Not as fancy  – but practical!

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