Sand Origin

Frostkilen Voxnan, Ovanaker*

A sand bank along the meandering stream of Voxnan is a favorite spot I, the founder of OUAW keep returning to year after year, and choosing this as the Swedish sand alternative was easy.

*OUAW’s jewelry with worldwide sand, holding every nation, has a mix of sand from every Swedish region as its sand. That explains the many images. It’s OUAW’s home country, and having parts from every corner felt like a must. So did including every municipality of OUAW’s home region, Dalarna.

Random Sand Fact

Paddling down the meandering still stream Voxnan deep in Sweden’s forests, you’ll likely be mesmerized by golden sandbank. And next, see something glittering in the sand. Could it be…?

If you find glittering particles right on the surface of any sand, it’s likely not what you hope.

What glitters here is Fool’s Gold, shiny minerals that appear valuable but aren’t.

To test if indeed you’ve found gold, you can shadow your findings. If it dulls or fades, it’s not gold. Or you can try breaking it. If it breaks or flakes, it’s not gold. 

All that glitters ain’t gold. But among the grains of sand lies the possibility of discovering genuine golden nuggets – both actual and metaphorical ones!

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