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How Spreading Your Wings Making Sand Angels Can Break Records & Do Good

Have you ever spread your wings to make angels in the sand (or snow)? If so, you know that the tricky part is getting up without ruining the angel shape. Without a helping hand, I’m not sure if I’d manage. But to break a world record, it’s a must. 

Making sand angels can be more than fun. Gather enough people to make them with you, and you may be able to break a world record and do good at the very same time. 

1,624 people at Australia’s Gold Coast did just that. They got crowned the Guinness World Record holder of “most sand angels made simultaneously.” At the same time as they spread their wings in the sand they spread awareness and raised money for “Drought Angels,” an organization supporting farmers in need. 

The instructions from the organizers on how to make the Sand Angels were crystal clear. An accidental hand or foot in the angel would disqualify.  When the former record was set, 27 sand angels got disqualified for various reasons. Guinness Record officials control every record attempt in detail.   

Breaking a record is more than a goal. It’s a means to do good.

The previous record-holder was the city of Ludington, the USA, with 1387 people making sand angels and supporting a local cancer center. They, in turn, stole the crown from Pembrokeshire, Wales, where 350 people spread their wings for a beach clean-up.

Gold Coasters have slipped on their angel wings and risen to the occasion. It means so much to our farming families and rural communities that their city counterparts are thinking of them,”  said an overwhelmed Tash Johnston, director of the beneficiary Drought Angels, to Australian Mirage News.

The record for most Sand Angels simultaneously made is likely not broken for good. Future contenders for the title: The bar is set – do good!

An aerial of 1,624 people making simultaneous sand angels at Australia’s Gold Coast aiming for a Guinness World Record. Photo: City of Gold Coast.

Thanks @CityofGoldCoast for sharing the images.

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