Sand Origin

Sernabatim Beach, Goa

Random Sand Fact

Sand is the new gold. The growing thirst for sand for construction has led to it becoming a conflict-ridden international commodity. 

Organized criminal sand gangs operate on many continents, and India is particularly exposed. 

India’s sand mafia has power, money, and weapons. Opposing them is not just risky but dangerous. Courageous men and women risk their lives protecting the sand.

Illegal sand mining is globally considered more devastating than all other environmental crimes combined. It causes severe ecological damage, affecting both nature and humans. 

Sand might seem like a never-ending resource, but it’s scarce!

OUAW’s AKIN collection features sand from every nation. Gathering sand is one thing; legally, gathering sand from every nation is quite different. After five years of effort and with great assistance from people at geological, mineral, and environmental institutions, we made it!

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