Sand Origin

Veitongo Beach, Veitongo, Nuku’alofa

Random Sand Fact

Did you know that Tongan graveyards are filled with mounds of white coral sand?

Piles of sand is perhaps not what you imagine seeing on graves unless you’ve been to Tonga.

The Tonga archipelago of about 170 islands is known for its clear waters, abundant marine life and white sand beaches. The sand burial mounds further mark Tongans close connection with the ocean.

Sand is traditionally brought to the grave as a blessing to the dead. The sand piles are often decorated with beer bottles stuck upside down, decorated, blankets, and plastic flowers placed in the sand mounds.

OUAW is located in Scandinavia, on the opposite side of the globe. Sand reappears on graves here, too, different setting and reason but still sand.

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