UK – Scotland

Sand Origin

Loch Morlich at the foot of Cairngorm Mountain*Sometimes, as in sports, the UK is divided into England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Here at OUAW, all joined with sand from each as a part.

Random Sand Fact

Have you ever found yourself hopelessly stuck in a sand bunker on a golf course, pondering the origin and purpose of these challenging hazards? Or seen others in one? 

Had golf courses not been born in sandy plains in Scotland, golf courses as we know them with their bunkers might never have existed. 

Bunkers or sand traps were originally naturally exposed sandy areas in grass-covered land where the first courses evolved.

Today, golf course architects strategically add bunkers for both aesthetics and challenge. Sandy hazards can be real game-changers, catching wayward balls and testing players’ skills. 

The design and composition of bunkers, including the choice of sand color and grain size, have become fascinating topics. They attract considerable attention and discussion among enthusiasts and experts alike.


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