UK – Wales

Sand Origin

River Conwy in Conwy, a sandbank in the middle during low tide*Sometimes, as in sports, the UK is divided into England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Here at OUAW, all joined with sand from each as a part.

Random Sand Fact

Dubbed “one of the most perfect beaches in Wales,” Port Oue seems well worth a visit. It’s nicknamed Whistling Sands as a high-pitched squeal, a whistling noise sound heard when you walk across the sand.

To experience it, try stamping or sliding your feet across the surface. Dry sand sound more. 

The auditory effect is created by the friction between small, round quartz and silica sand grains as they rub against each other—specific characteristics of the sand on this beach.

If you have a passion for sounds or music, why not record and incorporate it into your next production? If doing so, please share it with us!