Sand Origin

Cotonou, SEYIVE in EKPE Arrondissement.

Random Sand Fact

If given the choice between wisdom, wealth, magical powers, or a sand-filled snail shell, which would you choose? 

According to Benin’s creation myth, that’s what God offered his sons. After the three first had picked their magical gifts, the youngest found himself granted a humble snail shell filled to the brim with… sand.

When the four sons arrived at Earth, they found it covered in water. Water and nothing but. The youngest son poured forth his precious sand, birthing dry land and claiming his throne as the Oba king of Benin. 

To this day, the legacy of the fateful sand-filled snail shell endures. A snail shell is still part of traditional Benin coronation rituals.

Humble sand and humble beginning can be mighty!

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