Sand Origin

Abdramane Mali, By Niger river sout of Bamako, close to Kabala University

Random Sand Fact

In Mali and in other nations along the Niger River, sand mining is done more or less by hand.

With few alternatives to earn a living, the heavy and dangerous work. of sand mining has become one of the most important economic activities along the river. 

Men dive deep down to the riverbed to manually fill buckets with sand and haul them onto boats. The work is tough and dangerous, with strong currents, a risk of sand buckets getting loose, and low visibility. Once at the shore, women, men, and children unload and transport the sand by hand.

Sand mining poses a threat not only to the people working hands-on with it but also to the river. The water becomes polluted, the river bed shrinks, fish disappear, and water-related issues and diseases grow. 

Sand needs to be placed in the spotlight for numerous reasons!