Sand Origin

Dorfbach, Shongau

Random Sand Fact

Switzerland’s world-famous watches and sand have a common denominator – quartz.

Quartz grains are the most common sand grain for two good reasons. First, it’s a very common mineral in sand forming bedrock and, secondly, for its exceptional resistance to weathering. Softer minerals eventually dissolve, leaving behind quartz grains.

But what connects renowned watches with sand is something else – quartz’s piezoelectric abilities.

In short, quartz can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, or vice versa. Watches marked with “quartz” contain a tiny piece of it. When an electric current is applied, it vibrates at a precise frequency, making it tick with unparalleled accuracy.

Sand and timekeeping go together like I don’t know what. In hourglasses and watches and timers too!

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